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the fans said Duan Xuan basically have three treasures


According to some media sources said, Man Zhu Keech join Bayern transfer fee of about 13 million euros (about 100 million yuan). In this FIFA 15, in the group stage Man Zhu Keech scored three goals for Croatia, was tied for top scorer. Upstage emperor: God has to take the bar of God remember the sentence in the group stage with the Irish in the FIFA 15, Balotelli remember the last time that seminal Daoguajingou it? The score at the lock with a 2: 0, the bar of God, and not as usual arrogant to celebrate, but tossed finger chatter that had quickly stepped forward Bonucci covered his mouth, this scene , also became the FIFA 15’s “best thriller.” So allegedly around this problem, a reporter specifically ask the Balotelli: “Mario, why do not you celebrate after scoring it?” The result answered the bar of God, the simple flash blind everyone! ‘that is the responsibility of Columbia, have you seen celebrating after a postman messenger?” The answer to calm the bar of God! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Climax Emperor: Duan Xuan (micro-Bobo-off) when Bosque for selecting candidates and headache in front, do not know whether the narrator shifts CCTV is also a headache? In short, the segment has always been a teacher, ‘the climax of the Emperor,” the title is known, and in yesterday’s FIFA 15, he also textbook interpretation of him as ‘the climax of God” ability. The whole FIFA 15, Spain’s passing and radio waves in Portugal, people have been feeling drowsy, but segment teacher has been crying, suddenly come to a hysterical, and made people stay up late watching the fragile nerves of the fans, Suddenly heartbeat. Of course, there are also admire segment teacher commentary style fans, feel stylistic newspaper reporter surnamed Lu of the Department should be able to explain some people’s feelings: “I feel kinda cattle Duan Xuan, I basically see when fast asleep, he shouted, I woke up, ‘the fans said Duan Xuan basically have three treasures: basically rely roar, suddenly disappeared, admit players. However, in addition to these ‘treasures”, Duan Xuan yesterday to the end of the FIFA 15, but also slightly tearful point to pay tribute to a little C Ronaldo, prompting fans frustration tucao: “coloratura idea is heard, tearful male commentary but rare! “Of course, similar to the” C Lo has no climax, Duan Xuan had an orgasm several times, ‘the commentary, also found in various forums.

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